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Centralize Your Content Management Strategy

  • View At-a-Glance Metrics for Your Domain and Competitors
  • Manage Digital Media and Copy Content Creation
  • Build Valuable Connections with Publishers
  • Curate Content to Increase Reach and Efficiency
  • Convert Readers Into Potential Clients and Customers
Did you know?
  • In the editorial section of the Create tab, you can easily assign & email content topics & resources to anyone directly through the system.
  • In the outreach section of the Connect tab, you can search for domains & publishers by filtering based on page metrics, location & cateogries
  • If you find a bug or wish a feature worked differently, you can easily report it to us to fix the Help tab.
  • If you're wanting to improve your writing skills or you're new to content marketing, you should check out the Content Training section of the Create tab.

The Content Life Cycle

  • Collect Inspiration Assets, Resources, and Details
  • Use Industry Keywords to Search for Trends and Topics
  • Save and Organize Data for Later Use
  • Access Tools for Brainstorming Copy and Digital Media Concepts